Welcome to the OPeNDAP server test site

This site hosts several data servers along with sample data sets. We try to maintain running copies of old servers to test against, but it isn't always practical to do that.

The data files held at the top level of this site can only be accessed using a server (this is a side effect of the site's organization and the way that we have configured Hyrax access using Apache). The files in the subdirectory data are used by our nightly-build tests as well as other regression tests. Also here are sample Pathfinder, AIRS, MODIS, et c., files which can all be accessed using the data servers below with the caveat that some of the servers are not configured to read all of the file types.

The configuration parameters for Apache can be found in the opendap.conf file, which we put in Apache's conf.d directory (the link is a copy we try to keep up to date, but it might not match exactly with the site's servers or data).

Other related things:

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